Witness The Birth of 21 Little Coders

Witness The Birth of 21 Little Coders

August 16, 2022

On 10 April 2022, Telebort is proud to have 21 kids aged between 8 to 9 years old who have graduated from the Junior Creator Program, Sunday 5PM, Courage class. They have completed 24 lessons for the Junior Creator program.

Junior Creator program is a program that enables kids to learn about the changes that coding is bringing to the world and how to leverage coding to create something useful.

Believe it or not? Kids can code like a coder. Throughout the journey, the students have successfully created five projects: About Me, Street Art, Internet Safety Quiz, Telebort Got's Talent, and Avoid the Enemy. Even though they are young, their creativity and innovation have led them to success.  

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The online graduation started with a speech from Telebort co-founder, Ms. Yeo Yet Phing. Ms. Yeo expressed her gratitude and feelings to the students who have completed the program, and she also shared some learning moments with the students. Some of the good memories they had created together flashed in their mind. They enjoyed recalling all those precious moments together. Furthermore, Ms. Yeo also showcased some top students' projects.

Kudos to the winners for each award. You're doing great, and we truly appreciate your efforts. Keep up the excellent work!

Special Awards:

The extra miles award - Tan Yan Ryu

The Hidden Gem Award - Micaela Tan Tze Shan

The Problem Solver Award - Matthew Fung Sing Yi

The Young Ace Creator Award - Keith Allen Scott

The Independent Coder Award - Boo Jun Hee

The Creative Coder Award - Chen Xiang Shen

They will continue their coding journey in program A: Foundation of Creative Computing. In this program, they will be able to learn and master basic programming concepts. They will be able to integrate their creativity by applying the programming concepts in project making. Moreover, they will be able to apply computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, and mathematical reasoning when creating, innovating, and exploring their ideas around technology.

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Teacher Yi Ning also shared some information about Program A with the students to know what they will learn next. This program is exclusively designed for students to master key concepts of computer science and programming such as event, sequences, loops, conditionals, operators, variables, list, functions, and many more via different block-based programming platforms. The students are excited and can't wait to start their classes after listening to teacher Yi Ning's briefing.

Good job to all the students. Graduation is not the end but the beginning of another journey. Telebort wishes you all the best in the coming program. Stay eager to learn, don't stop developing your skills!

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