Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing is NOT about Scratch Programming

Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing is NOT about Scratch Programming

August 16, 2022

Let’s have a look at the differences between Program A and Scratch by using an illustration.

Scratch is a part of Program A but Program A is NOT about Scratch Programming.

What is Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing?

Telebort's Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing is specifically created for students aged 10 to 14 who have no prior programming experience. 

Students will be able to learn and master basic programming ideas in this course. They will be able to combine their creativity into project creation by using programming techniques. 

The main objective in this program is for students to be able to use computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, and mathematical reasoning while developing, inventing, and evaluating their own technological concepts. It is specifically designed for students to learn important computer science and programming concepts such as events, sequences, loops, conditionals, operators, variables, list, functions, and many more using various block-based programming platforms.

This program will lay a solid programming foundation for students and prepare them for their journey in programming. The various concepts learnt in this program will be applicable and relevant no matter what programming language the student chooses to learn in this future.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website that serves as a programming education tool. By developing projects like video games, animations, and simulations, students may combine disparate media (including graphics, sound, and other applications) in unique ways. The idea was to design a visually appealing platform that produces a finished product that can be enjoyed while learning the fundamentals of coding.

What role does the Scratch 3.0 platform play in Telebort’s Program A?

We utilize the Scratch 3.0 platform in our Core Program A as a tool to enable students to create hands-on projects with the various programming concepts that they’ve learnt.

Our students will use the Scratch 3.0 platform to create a series of interesting projects in Program A by appling the various programing concepts learnt.

Students will be able to think critically, collaborate effectively, and reason logically by joining Telebort’s Program A. They will also be able to use the scratch experience to apply design thinking, mathematics, and computational concepts. Students will be able to create a variety of fascinating and complex projects after learning and implementing programming concepts.

Why should you select Program A?

This program A would be an excellent place for your children to begin learning about coding, particularly if they have no prior experience or understanding in the field. Telebort is offering the spectecular assistance and support for its students via WhatsApp to help them better comprehend the projects they are creating and the coding they are performing in class. Furthermore, students will receive a certificate of completion and an academic transcript upon completion of the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enrol your children to Telebort coding class now!!!

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