Be a part of our great team
that aims to change the world
through education and technology

Let's empower our young generation for a better future!
Our Mission

To enable kids and teens to solve real world problems through coding.

Our Culture and Values

Know the self, know the values
  • Having a heart of teaching.

  • Having a desire to provide transformative value.

  • Having a commitment to serve.

Enjoy the pursuit of excellence
  • Use time wisely.

  • Seeing challenges as an opportunity.

  • Learn, unlearn, relearn, adapt and grow every single day.

  • Jump into the water and learn how to swim.

  • Act fast and smart, fix things around you. Have a sense of urgency and alertness.

  • Do the small things with great love.

The power of a team
  • Highly skilled, low ego.

  • Take accountability and responsibility seriously.

  • Your strength is our strength; your weakness is our weakness.

  • Don’t keep your problem from more than 24 hours. Say it, solve it, move on.

  • Over Communicate. Always counter-checking. 

  • Be humble, be kind, be grateful.