Educate for Future

About Us

Telebort was founded in 2016 with the goal of bringing people together through education and technology. We focus on teaching computer science and software development to young students, helping them learn how to solve real-world problems using technology.

Since our inception, we have impacted over 7000+ students across various regions including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, and beyond.

Our approach to teaching software development starts with block-based programming and progresses to cover mobile, web, and data development. In addition to offering traditional classroom instruction, we also provide a digital academy platform that allows students to access learning materials, question banks, and real-world projects to further their computer science education.

Our team of dedicated teachers and programmers lead our programs and provide peer-to-peer mentorship to inspire and educate students in digital making. Through our platform, kids and teens can learn how to write code, build apps, and deploy websites, and even create digital portfolios of their creative projects and source code.

Preparing our children for a better future using the CCCT model
Character Strengths
Develop a set of character strengths such as curiosity in learning, having self-control, discipline and resilience in achieving greatness, practice kindness, compassion and gratitude in life.
Cognitive Skills
Build strong habits of the mind in terms of
information processing, such as understanding, synthesizing, and reasoning skills in problem solving.
Boosts creative confidence in developing ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and most of all through the expression of artistic and emotional beauty.
Gear up fundamental skills and knowledge in computer science and engineering based on focused programs and hands-on experiences.
We enable kids and teens to solve real world
problems through computer science education
Encourage collaboration
and teamwork
Foster a culture of
innovation and creativity
Connect with the
Provide ongoing support
and mentorship


To enable kids and teens to solve real world problems through coding.


Bringing people together through education and technology.


What kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow.

We aim to give every child the skills, confidence, and opportunity to express themselves in the digital world.

Theory of Change

Computer Science education is essential for kids and teen's daily life. However, most experienced school teachers do not have a computer science background. Programmers do not prefer to be involved in the educational field. We are here to address this gap by inspiring young talents to teach computer science.

Culture and Values

Know the self, know the values

  • Having a heart for teaching.
  • Having a desire to provide transformative value.
  • Having a commitment to serve.

Enjoy the Pursuit of Excellence

  • Use time wisely.
  • Seeing challenges as an opportunity.
  • Learn, unlearn, relearn, adapt and grow every single day.
  • Jump into the water and learn how to swim.
  • Act fast and smart, and fix things around you. Have a sense of urgency and alertness.
  • Do the small things with great love.

The Power of a Team

  • Highly skilled, low ego.
  • Take accountability and responsibility seriously.
  • Your strength is our strength; your weakness is our weakness.
  • Don't keep your problem for more than 24 hours. Say it, solve it, move on.
  • Over Communicate. Always counter-checking.
  • Be humble, be kind, be grateful.

Our Key Milestones

Breaking record of online coding class in Malaysia

Code STEAM: More than 1000+ students learning at ZOOM in a session for a 3-days coding camp

Successful online coding events

CodeBytes: 491 students joined
Code Maven 1.0: 187 girls joined

Girls in ICT

Collaborated with USM and empowered girls from 8 primary schools near USM and the student age range is between 9-12 years old to learn coding.

Conducted national-level Digital Ninja Bootcamp

86 students got the opportunity to participate in Digital Ninja Lab 1 & 2

Students’ Awarded in national and international competitions

The 15th Soong Ching Ling Awards for Children’s Invention in China Mainland

Organized Malaysia's First Google Expeditions Campaign

Reached out to 24 schools, 3098 students, aged 7 to 18 years old