What is CSguru?

Computer Science Guru (CSguru) community is a teaching community that is formed by a group of local talents such as university students and industrial experts who are passionate about computer science education.
Every weekend, we conduct coding classes
 for the kids and teens.

Be a change maker to help the Young

Are you a university or industrial expert who wants to do something different for the local community? 🤓

Good news! We are looking for public or private university students with a computer science background and adult domain experts who love to teach and have a willingness to learn. 🥰

Join us as CSguru and be a part of this movement. 🙌🏻

Why become a CSguru at Telebort?

Build Strong Coding Skill

Build a strong foundation of coding skills using block-based coding platforms like Scratch and MIT Apps Inventor and syntax codings such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more.

Build Network and Community

Access to the latest tech topic, coding solution, and debugging support through CSguru network and community.

Solve Real World Problems

Learn, code, launch apps and build websites that would solve real world problems with young students.

Professional Career Development

Pursue your career development with a group of wonderful people.

Extra Income

Earn extra income while sharing your passion.

How many types of CSguru do we offer?




  • Voluntary opportunity. 

  • One time basis upon request of the upcoming programs.

  • ​No contract of service is needed.

  • Training will be provided before running the program.



Teaching Fellow

  • Professional career development opportunity.

  • Application from CSguru Basic to CSguru Teaching Fellow is needed.

  • Working on a part time basis, consists of a fixed schedule, either Saturday, Sunday or both.

  • Have a minimum of one year commitment.

  • Approximately 8 weeks of house training and development will be provided.

  • LinkedIn Badge will be awarded.




  • Worked as CSguru Teaching Fellow for at least 6 months and was nominated by Telebort Academic Team.

  • Working on a part time basis  at a flexible schedule.

  • Have a minimum of one year commitment.

  • Approximately 8 weeks of house training and development will be provided.

  • Strong technical understanding of computer programming and/or software development.

  • LinkedIn Badge will be awarded.

Meet Some of Our CSguru! 

Mi Kin.jpeg

Tio Mi Kin

25 years old

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Graduated from Yonsei University

Generally, Telebort has a very young and energetic team. There are many new things for me to learn. Most importantly co-workers are friendly and helpful. Many things are decided through constant discussion in the team. In my opinion, Telebort is a great platform for mutual growth for the company and the employee. 

Sharvin Kogilavanan

21 years old

Computer Science student

Universiti Sains Malaysia, USM

Frankly speaking, I'm not really a people person. Working with Telebort had taught me so many things in ways that I couldn't have imagine mainly having to improve my computing skills which will help me with my course and life as well. Besides, dealing with children isn't that simple but I also realised that they can be charming in their own way. I've particularly liked the way Telebort handling things in an adequate manner. Being with them feels so great as I learn new things every day.  

Kaushalya Tinakaran

22 years old

Computer Science student

 Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Working at Telebort, I am privileged to be given the opportunity to explore broader areas and equip various skills apart from the IT world. It was a wonderful journey together with the team! 


Adibah Riduan

23 years old

Computer Science student

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Initially, I didn't have interest in teaching, but after joining the Telebort Team, I didn’t expect that teaching coding to kids was very fun. The instructors and staff  are humble, friendly, and hardworking. Moreover, Telebort has produced many great and skilled instructors. I really enjoy working with them.

Interested to join us as CSguru?

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