How do you define a great coding teacher?

How do you define a great coding teacher?

August 16, 2022

"Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students."

It is no doubt that teachers play a vital role in our lives. We all have that one teacher (perhaps a few if you are lucky) that affected our lives. We might not remember what they taught us in lessons, but we will never forget how they have inspired us. What are some of the qualities they have in common?

#1 Passionate in teaching

Great teachers are those who love teaching. They are energized in the classroom and inspirited to deliver their knowledge to the students; even their body language expresses their enthusiasm while teaching. Besides, they love questions from students and will always try their best to guide the students to the answer.

#2 Caring for students

A great teacher genuinely cares about their students from the academic perspective as well as their well-being. They do not merely focus on the student's learning progress but also on their well-being. They share stories and random knowledge with the students to build connections and create a classroom community to improve the student's learning experience.

#3 Never stop learning

A great teacher is a lifelong learner. They will never be satisfied with what they have learned and are always eager to learn more. They continuously upgrade and improve their knowledge and skills to make their lessons relevant and exciting. Some great teachers can even learn life lessons from their students!

An incredible coding teacher possesses the qualities above and with some add-ons!

#1 Patient and Positive

It is not an easy task to explain programming basics to the students. They might need to take their time to grasp the idea they are newly exposed to, and they might ask questions repeatedly. Therefore, a coding teacher with great patience encourages the students to experiment with the syntax and dare to make mistakes.

#2 Agile and adaptable

An excellent coding teacher checks on their students from time to time to ensure they understand the lessons well. They will try to make immediate adjustments or use a different approach to explain the programming concepts to the students who face difficulty understanding the class.

#3 Encourage creativity

Coding is a way for students to express their creativity, as there is no single set of answers to a problem in coding. A good coding teacher can guide the students to think outside the box while still being relevant to solve the problem. They encourage the students to bring their imagination and creativity in their heads to life by utilizing their coding ability to build projects.

While it might seem effortless to conduct a class, much is going on behind the scenes! Becoming an excellent coding teacher requires extra effort and time, and at the same time, they have to take care of their mental well-being to bring the best out of themselves in class. Let’s not forget to cherish our teacher after every class!


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