Career Prospect in CS

Career Prospect in CS

The demand for computer science graduates is growing. In the Malaysia, there are more than 4,000 open computing jobs. One can also search for job outside of Malaysia. Computing professions are in high demand and offer high job satisfaction. This is the reason why students with a degree in computer science are qualified to pursue a career in a wide range of computing careers, dealing with software development or system design and analysis.

There are several types of jobs in computer science that you can choose from:

Software developer

Average salary in Malaysia: RM120,000 per year

A software developer develops new applications for computers, mobile devices, websites and other devices. They also fix problems with existing software programs. 

Numerous computer programs are created each year by software developers. These programs may be used to help people with computers or they may be used by people to communicate with other people. Many different types of software developers can work on a variety of different types of projects.

The job opportunities for a software developer are plentiful because there are so many different kinds of software programmers out there today. The demand for these workers has never been higher than what it is today, which means that there will always be plenty of jobs available for those who want to become one.

Computer systems analyst

Average salary in Malaysia: RM114,000 per year

 A computer systems analyst designs new computer systems or fixes existing ones by analyzing users' needs and making recommendations based on those needs.  Computer systems analysts analyze the requirements of a given problem and then design computer software or hardware to meet those requirements. They work with programmers to create new programs or help maintain existing ones.

Computer systems analysts typically work in information technology departments or in small companies with limited budgets. They may also be called system analysts, database administrators, computer programmers, database managers or information technologists.

If you have a bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology, you'll have an advantage when seeking a position as a computer systems analyst. However, if your bachelor's degree isn't in these fields, you'll need additional training before applying for this type of job.

Data Scientist

Average salary in Malaysia: RM59,000 per year

Data scientists analyse, interpret and synthesise vast volumes of raw data to produce more precise results. They would use a variety of computer programming languages to transform data and build algorithms to solve problems. They may be in charge of analysing data sets to address real-world issues faced by companies and organisations, such as how to enforce new company healthcare strategies or produce a product more cost-effectively.

Data scientists should have a sound knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. They should also have excellent analytical skills, including the ability to look at large amounts of data and draw conclusions based on what they find. They must be able to explain their findings clearly in writing and in an understandable manner that can be communicated with others.

UX Designer

Average salary in Malaysia: RM50,000 per year

User-experience (UX) designers build the look and feel of a computer interface. They then ensure the software products are usable and easy to use. UX programmers usually work in groups, applying their knowledge to websites or computer applications. They also may design user interfaces for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

UX designers often work closely with marketing and product management teams to understand what users need and want from the products they're creating. They use data analysis tools and research to gather information about users’ needs and expectations.

UX designers need an understanding of both technical skills and business skills; they must be able to translate technical specifications into real designs that people can use. They also need strong communication skills so they can write clear, concise user documentation that helps users navigate their products more easily.

Java Developer

Average salary in Malaysia: RM50,400 per year

Java developers are in charge of developing and implementing Java applications. They ensure that a website authenticates user data correctly and recognises the need to upgrade Java-based applications. Java developers also create design documents, engage in programme testing, and change the design of a website using the Java programming language. They may also be asked to investigate and resolve technical issues, as well as act as an advisor to IT staff members.

Java developers work closely with other programmers and IT staff members to carry out tasks such as developing software for mobile devices or installing software on servers. They often communicate with other groups in their organisation, such as marketing or sales departments, who may have their own requirements for new features or functionality within existing systems.Java developers must have good communication skills so they can effectively present their ideas and requirements to project managers and other team members in order to obtain approval for new projects or changes to existing ones. They must also be able to understand complex information quickly so they can provide feedback on any issues that arise during development projects.

So, what do you think with these jobs? These are only a few to name with, there are a lot of other career associated with Computer Science and they pay is not low either. What are you waiting for? Send your kids to Telebort coding class for a brighter future!

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