Internship Award from School of Computer Science, USM

Internship Award from School of Computer Science, USM

October 1, 2022

Internship programs are very crucial to the students for them to graduate from their university. The work experience helps students to put their education into practice, develop their leadership skills and give them a competitive advantage among each other.

In Telebort, we are really welcome an intern who wants to gain more experience and learn various new things with us. Previously, we have a total of five interns from University Science Malaysia (USM) from the School of Computer Science who joined us for 6 months starting March 2021 to August 2021. They are Daniel Zairin, Harold Bong, Suen Kee Xian, Nur Fatihah, and Tang Wen Shuen. Thank you to five of them because choosing Telebort to be a part of their journey.

Three of them are the recipients of the Internship Award. They are very excited, happy, and unexpected at the same time after receiving these awards from their school. Daniel Zairin is a recipient of the Best Intern Award, Harold Bong and Suen Kee Xian are recipients of the Certificate of Excellence.
Hey, it is still not too late to congratulate them. Big applause to these three boys!

You guys must be wondering, how did they know about Telebort and what actually they did during their internship here right?

Three of them knew about Telebort from an intern recruitment fair and they found that Telebort really stood up from everyone else! Some of the reasons that they mentioned were because of the missions in the company, Telebort provides education to the teens and kids, smallest company and youngest, interest to teach students and many more.

We can see that three of them are really pure and sincere when giving knowledge and teaching coding to their students in classes.

When they first join Telebort, they are assigned to teach students coding during the weekends. Even though this is the first time to teach kids, they are really excited and Daniel says that “sometimes they are the reason why I am so happy to start my work”. Besides teaching the kids, Daniel is also assigned to be in the Teach Team A to design Mobile Apps while Harold needs to design Telebort Website on Wix, and Kee Xian transitions to Tech Team B to develop a chatbox. Three of them have been given the huge responsibilities to make sure that they give something to Telebort and let them experience what they have learned in their courses.

A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things. - Ralph Lauren

It is not easy to achieve these internship awards without doing something. Even Daniel, Harold and Kee Xian are very surprised that they got the award since there’s a lot of competitors in their school. The most important thing that three of them shared is to always be responsible and keep communicating with the team. Without the team, they are nothing. Kee Xian also added that even though we are still new in some places, we need to seek help from others and try to grab a chance to learn something new. It’s not about others, but it’s for ourselves.

To those who are still remote working, there are many tips from three of them have been shared here:

  1. Find a stable internet connection.
  2. Have a backup plan; sign up data plan
  3. Manage your time and energy properly.
  4. Be responsible for your tasks.
  5. Give yourself a break from doing the work.
  6. Always update your work progress with your teammates.
  7. Follow your weekly schedule.
  8. Eat and sleep well.
  9. Manage your environment.

Once again, congratulations to Harold Bong, Daniel Zairin and Kee Xian! For more tips from them, you guys can click here!

If you are interested to join us as an intern, check out our website at

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