What are the obstacles as a young kid learning how to code?

What are the obstacles as a young kid learning how to code?

August 16, 2022

The majority of students' curriculums around the world encourage learning how to code. Research on children's abilities and thinking reveals and implies that programming languages offer enormous advantages for them. Their cognitive, problem-solving, and decision-making skills can all benefit from it.

Additionally, it helps to increase their resilience and determination. However, teaching children to code might pose some challenges. In the most extreme scenarios, these issues could impede their development or perhaps make them lose interest.

Let's talk about the biggest challenges a kid could encounter when learning how to code.

More Attention Paid to Coding Syntax

The process of coding entails incorporating an algorithm into a code. It is possible to complete it with the aid of a computer language. As a result, the system and process operate according to the proper syntax. It depends on the programming language that is used.

The syntax makes sure that a programme runs without errors. However, the ability to solve problems effectively is the core of the topic. When a running or syntactic error occurs, this is where the problems begin. However, this crucial talent is not given much attention by most courses, students, or even teachers. They instead place more emphasis on the syntax.

In Telebort, we teach our students on foundation first, we make sure that our students understand the basic programming concept before going any further. That's why we started with block-based programming like Tynker and Scratch.

Not having Live Help or Support

Numerous online courses are available for learning how to code. Coding alone, identifying and fixing any mistakes are daunting and tiring. Learning without teacher and support is extremely time and labour-intensive. A child could also become disinterested in the subject as a result of their repeated failures.

Parents can get the students instruction from a reputable and knowledgeable teacher is essential when learning to code. It supports a child's continued interest and involvement in the subject. However, it is difficult to find a teacher nowadays that is still willing to give everything they have. Luckily you have Telebort, we can help you with this, we have a very good Computer Science Specialist to teach your kids from A-Z.

Less training

Coding is competence and understanding that is based on a lot of practice. However, the majority of offline instructors and online courses prioritise the teaching component. They completely skip the practice period. It is damaging to the student's development and progress. Additionally, some children might not have access to the infrastructure needed to run their programmes and codes. They encounter problems in these situations as well. It may be attributable to a lack of practical expertise and an inability to see the working process and output.

In every class, we will make sure that students practice their skill by making projects over projects. We will also implemented hybrid learning mode, so that the students without stable internet connection can come the physical class and make use of our infrastructure here.

Lack of motivation and interest

Low desire, commitment, and participation are among the most critical challenges facing young people learning to code. Typically, no matter how much they become invested in the topic, they continue to be uninterested in it and fail to become appealing. It could still be the case even if the teacher or course is designed to make learning as comfortable, convenient, or effortless as possible.

Parents can instil the interest in their kids and make sure that learning coding is something the kid wants not the parents. Some children, they are just don't bother with technologies, thus making them uninterested to learn to code if parents push them.

Kids tend to Forget

It happens frequently for people to forget what they have learned. Coding lessons for children are no different. They might pick up information on the subject and store it specifically in their short-term memory. It suggests that they won't be able to remember the notions for very long.  Students can solve this problem by writing the programmes and code manually, they can get beyond their lack of experience using a computer platform. This also will help them to store the information longer.

In conclusion, it will be easier if a child have a mentor or a teacher to guide through his/her programming journey. Here at Telebort, we are specialised in it, send your kids to us, you will never be regret!

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