Amir Fathi: The Curious Coder in Telebort Weekly Core Program B

Amir Fathi: The Curious Coder in Telebort Weekly Core Program B

June 19, 2022

“Do not give up, at first it may be hard but later it is gonna be easy”. - Muhammad Amir Fathi bin Mohamed Syazwan, Student of Telebort.

This curious coder who just turned 12 years old this year has received the “The Curious Coder” during the online graduation of Telebort Program B: Mobile Apps Development (Saturday, 5PM, Brilliant Class). Next, he going to explore the syntax world in Program C: Fundamental Web Design (HTML & CSS).

Amir Fathi started to learn to code when he was just 11 years old in the Year 2020. He started from Telebort Weekly Core Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing.

It was such a pleasure we have done a Virtual Interview with this curious coder.

The virtual interview was conducted by Aina Iduras, Telebort Community Executive.

At first, his daddy got to know about Telebort through Facebook, then he enrolled in the October 2020 Intake of Program A, this is where he started the journey of coding. Amir Fathi feels like wants to solve the problem by learning to code as well.

Another reason why he wanted to learn to code is that he feels it is interesting and easy. However, it might also be challenging for him sometimes. Then, he will seek help from our instructor during the class every Saturday.

“Initially I felt kinda hard when I started to create my first project, but the more I practice the more I feel professional and easy”, he said.

During the virtual interview, Amir Fathi shared with us some of his projects which he created in Program A and Program B.

Project sharing :

Program A : Foundation of Creative Computing

  • Math Fling
  • Typing Rush

Program B : Mobile Apps Development

  • Shaky Picky
  • Pronunciation Guide

At the end of the virtual interview, he expressed his gratitude to the teachers, families and his friends who helped him a lot.

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