An 11 years old boy who dreams of creating technology that helps people

An 11 years old boy who dreams of creating technology that helps people

August 16, 2022

Learn from the past, crave for the future; dare to dream and do not give up” - Kingsley Yam Zhen, Student of Telebort.

Have you ever wondered how coding can change a dream of kids or teens in this new era of technology?

Kingsley Yam Zhen, an 11 years old boy who started to learn coding at Telebort in March 2021. He began to code when he was just 11 years old. His first program in Telebort was Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing. He graduated from Program A and entered Program B: Mobile Apps Development on 29th August 2021.

We got a Virtual Interview via Zoom meeting with Kingsley while he has just entered Program B.

Our team member - Jordan, sat down with Kingsley in a Virtual Interview to find out more about him.

Let’s find out more about Kingsley's coding journey with Telebort and how he dreams to be a creator of technology through coding. He is interested in pursuing a career that enables him to be a creator in the future.

Kingsley is a firm believer that coding will be able to solve problems in our daily lives. “It (technology) is able to help us complete tasks automatically and enables us to use less energy and time,” he said.

He craves for more and believes that being merely a consumer of technology is not enough, he strives to be a creator of technology by using the knowledge he obtained. He also believes that technological creations should be able to help our society. One of his ideas has a very strong philanthropic motive where he would like to create a machine that would be able to produce food with simple resources and distribute them to the poor.

As diseases progress throughout mankind, he found that it is crucial that we could detect any illness or disease in the shortest time possible and provide immediate treatment. Therefore, he dreams of creating a medical device that would actively monitor a person’s health and would notify them and their physicians as soon as any abnormalities were detected.

Kingsley also has a fond interest in history and archeology as he wishes to create a device that would be able to efficiently scan large areas to identify historical remains and artifacts.

At the end of the virtual interview, Kingsley extends his gratitude to his instructors at Telebort and thank them for their guidance. He appreciates the patience and mentoring of all his instructors and looks forward to learning more from his instructors.

After the interview, we spoke to a few of his instructors to see what their thoughts are on him.

“Kingsley is a disciplined student with a very good learning attitude. He will ensure that he is fully prepared for class by going through the materials given beforehand. Besides, he creates extra projects on his own by using the knowledge learned." says Yeo Yet Phing, Academic Director of Telebort.

He stood out during my offline classes as he was always the first one to raise his hand whenever a question is raised. He is an independent student but he is also humble to ask questions when he knows he is stuck,” says Daniel Zairin, Telebort Computer Science Guru Developer (CSguru Developer).

“He is the first one to complete all 10 challenges during the debugging challenge while his classmates are still at challenge 3. When I ask for explanations, he is also able to give me clear explanations and even assist his friends during the debugging challenge,” says Suen Kee Xian, Telebort Computer Science Guru Pro (CSguru Pro).

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