How Do We Prepare Our Children for a Better Future

How Do We Prepare Our Children for a Better Future

August 16, 2022

We at Telebort not only focus on teaching children coding, but we are here to prepare them for a better future!

We adopt the CCCT model, which consists of four aspects which are listed as follows:

Character Strengths

We ensure our students develop a set of character strengths such as discipline, kindness, compassion, and gratitude for life. At the same time, we cultivate their curiosity in learning and encourage them to be resilient even when they face problems. This is because we know that attitude determines altitude. Although our mission is to teach the students coding and programming skills, we do not neglect their personality development.

Cognitive Skills

Computational Thinking (CT) is one of the most important concepts students will encounter when learning to code. CT teaches students to break down complex problems into simpler steps that even a computer would understand. By practicing this regularly, students develop strong habits of the mind in terms of information processing, such as understanding, synthesizing, and reasoning skills in problem-solving. This powerful skill can apply to various fields such as Mathematics, Science, Art, Social Studies, and so forth.


Coding is the best exercise to train students’ creative muscles. There is often no single solution to a problem in programming. Hence, students are encouraged to approach problems from multiple points of view. Moreover, We encourage our students to share their projects to Scratch, a free programming platform with other users worldwide. This gives students a chance to showcase their creativity and learn from others by looking into their codes and projects built. Students get to build their creative confidence to develop ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and the expression of artistic and emotional beauty. 


Lastly comes technology, where students develop their fundamental skills and knowledge in computer science and engineering based on focused courses and hands-on experience at Telebort. Our courses are tailor-made for students so that they can acquire coding skills while having fun at the same time. In addition, we have carefully crafted a roadmap for students to explore other coding languages after completing a program to ensure that our students get the best learning experience at Telebort.


We thrive to improve our programs and constantly review the overall teaching quality at Telebort. This is because we wish our students' journey at Telebort will benefit and impact them for the rest of their lives. 

"How to prepare our children for a better future?" 

We will always put this question in our minds and try to answer it with the quality of the programs we provide.  Check out more information about our programs at

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