#learningwithTelebort: Special online graduation with a total of 31 young coders

#learningwithTelebort: Special online graduation with a total of 31 young coders

August 16, 2022

How’s the time flies~ Telebort just celebrated the graduation with our 31 young coders from Saturday 5PM Brilliant, Program B: Mobile Apps Development with special online graduation.

The students in this class have completed a total of 2️4 lessons in Telebort Weekly Core Program B.

They learned how to design and develop socially useful mobile apps by using MIT App Inventor.

This group of young coders who are just aged between 10 to 16 years old has created tons of projects (mobile apps) in Program B: Mobile Apps Development. For instance, Pronunciation Guide, Barcode and QR Scanner, Math Fling and Shaky Picky. Bravo to all the students!

For more information about what you will be learning in Program B, visit https://www.telebort.com/core-program-b

At the beginning of the online graduation, we have invited our Co-Founder in the house, Mr. Kee Chong Wei to share his gratitude and some of the memorable photos together with the students. We also get to hear from the instructors and facilitators about the winners from each of the awards.

Congratulations to all the winners! You guys deserved it, keep up the good work!

  • Leow Jay Shing: Hidden Effort
  • Jiwoo Kim: Excellent Effort
  • Foong Jun Xiang: Independent Learner
  • Muhammad Amir Fathi bin Mohamed Syazwan: Curious Coder
  • Khor Luei Yan (Rayan): Active Involvement
  • Viishnuvardan A/L Ganesh: Extra Mile
  • Shonosuke Goto: Stellar Student
  • Chuah Ee Chao: Shining Star

Next month (November), they will be moving towards the next program which is Program C: Fundamental Web Design (HTML & CSS) in Telebort. In this program, they will build their own web pages and express their creativity there. Woohoo, the students are really excited to learn in this program.

For more information about Program C, visit to https://www.telebort.com/core-program-c

Teacher Kaushi has shared with the students some introduction about Program C so that they have an idea about what they are gonna learn soon.

Congratulations to all the winners who have received the awards in this class. To those who do not receive any awards, know that you guys are still the best!

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