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Weekly Core Program
Program C:

Fundamental Web Design (HTML & CSS)

Learning to develop website with HTML and CSS is the best journey to explore. Let's bring life to every screen with unique design!

Key Information:

  • For 13 - 16 years old (No age restriction for Telebort alumni).

  • 24 lessons (Weekly classes).

  • Prerequisite required (Either one of the criteria below is fulfilled): 

    • Completed Telebort Core Program A.

    • Having existing knowledge in programming.

New Intake:

  • July 2022

    • 2nd July 2022 (Tentative) 

    • Every Saturday 2PM - 4PM

What’s included in this program?

Telebort Dashboard
Pre-recorded lesson videos with easily accessible lesson materials
Creative Hands-on Projects
Apply concepts learnt in lessons and create interesting projects
Blended Learning Model
Better self-preparation before attending weekly classes
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Exclusive WhatsApp Support
Friendly assistance from Telebort community expert
Weekly Online Zoom Class
Meet up with instructors virtually to get feedback and debug projects
Certificate & Academic Transcript
Receive a certificate and academic transcript upon completion of the program

About this Program

In Program C, students will be coding using HTML and CSS to build a static personal web page. Students also have the opportunity to get familiar with Bootstrap, a leading front-end development framework to extrapolate their basic understanding of HTML and CSS to application level. With students’ creativity and ideas will bring life to every screen and make the design unique.

Students will use HTML to organize and write the content, as well as using CSS to design the web page. Furthermore, students will be learning about Bootstrap and how to leverage it to make a stunning website.

Course Structure

  • Duration: 24 lessons
  • Hour per lesson: 2 hours
  • Teacher-students ratio: 1 Teacher - 15 Students (Maximum)
  • Suggested Age: 13 to 16 years old (No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
  • Prerequisite (Either one of the criteria below is fulfilled): 
    • Completed Telebort Core Program A.
    • Having existing knowledge in programming.

You will be able to

  • Build your own web pages.

  • Put your thoughts and express your creativity in web design.

Program Syllabus


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Web Design

  • Chapter 2: Introduction to HTML

  • Chapter 3: HTML Division Element

  • Chapter 4: Introduction to CSS

  • Chapter 5: CSS Selector

  • Chapter 6: CSS Box Model 

  • Chapter 7: CSS Display

  • Chapter 8: CSS Flexbox

  • Chapter 9: Font

  • Chapter 10: Icons in Web Design

  • Chapter 11: Responsive Web Design

  • Chapter 12: Introduction to Bootstrap

  • Chapter 13: Bootstrap Grid System

  • Chapter 14: Bootstrap Navigation Bar

  • Chapter 15: Bootstrap Carousel

  • Chapter 16:  Bootstrap Cards

  • Chapter 17: Bootstrap Progress Bar

  • Extra Chapter: CSS Border

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Projects that you will build

My Holiday

Students will create a website by using the concepts that they have learned from HTML and CSS. 

In the website, they can use their own creativity to keep the memories about themselves such as their vacation memories by including some details and collection of pictures.


(GIF_Img)ProgC-Proj_1-My Holiday.gif

My Profile

Students will create a portfolio of themselves by using the concepts that they have learned from Bootstrap to present to their future employer. 

In the portfolio, students will include their profile picture, their details such as the skills that they possessed, as well as their awards and certificates to make their employer know more about them.

(GIF_Img)ProgC-Proj_2-My Profile.gif

My First HTML Exercise

Students will make a simple mini website to understand HTML structures.

In addition, students will learn how to put header, paragraph, lists, links and also images by applying HTML codes only.

(GIF_Img)ProgC-Mini_Proj-My First HTML E

There are a lot more fantastic and interesting projects you will be exploring.

Sharing from our students.
Grab the opportunity and start coding at young!

Joseph Leong.jpg

He proposed an app “A Bowl of Rice” to solve the problem of World Hunger during the Prototype Presentation in Program B: Mobile Apps Development.


"I just want to thanks all the wonderful teachers in Telebort who helped me to overcome my challenges when I first started to learn coding. Moreover, I felt grateful that my parents sent me to Telebort which is a nice place to learn coding. 

Joseph Leong Yen Joe, 15 years old

Penang, Malaysia

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