5 reasons to start coding early

5 reasons to start coding early

August 16, 2022

As our world is getting increasingly technology-driven, there’s no doubt that coding is an essential skill that everyone should acquire, especially the younger generation. Early exposure to coding might be life-changing to the kids as learning programming opens up a world of infinite possibilities. If you are looking for interest classes for your children, here are five reasons to enroll them in learning to code:

Gives a new perspective to problem-solving

Kids will learn about computational thinking while learning to code. Computational thinking is the process of breaking down a big chunk of problems into simpler steps that even a computer would understand. This is an essential skill for kids to master so that they can deal with complex issues in the future.

At the same time, kids might face problems while trying to build a program because of wrong spelling, punctuation, syntax, and so forth. They will develop the ability to troubleshoot, patience and resilience as they try to fix the problems.

Develop future-ready skillset

Kids that are exposed to coding might discover their interest and true potential at an early age. This is because they are more likely to explore tech-related fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. This sets them apart from their peers and opens the door to various opportunities in the future.

Expands creativity 

Kids are known to be creative and energetic. If they are equipped with the skill of coding, they can utilize their creativity in building apps or games, or even websites! This way, they will not only consume technology passively but will also learn how to create it on their own.

There’s no single answer to solving problems in the world of programming. Therefore, kids are encouraged to be innovative and creative while coding. They can gain confidence in creating their projects while building their portfolios simultaneously.

Improve math knowledge and critical thinking

Kids will often encounter mathematical problems while learning to code. From reading a graph to predicting the number of COVID-19 cases, they get to apply the maths knowledge they learned from school to their coding projects. 

Moreover, kids can enhance their critical thinking by coding. Kids are encouraged to approach problems from different angles and develop unique solutions. This iteration during coding trains their critical thinking skills.

Facilitates collaboration among children

Kids get the chance to communicate and interact with others from different backgrounds when they learn to code in a class. They can build projects in groups and collaborate. In the process of collaboration, they learn to listen to others’ opinions and communicate in a good manner. Moreover, they get the experience of working in a team which is vital for later on in life.


Many often think that learning to code is hard and not for children. But, let’s not forget that kids are quick learners! They can pick up new skills faster than adults. Moreover, it is a myth to think that learning to code is hard because it depends on how the classes are conducted and delivered. Here at Telebort, we ensure our syllabus is suitable for every kid to kickstart their coding journeys. Moreover, we have quality instructors who ensure every student is on track, can fully understand the lesson, and apply their knowledge to creative projects they build. Check out more information about our programs at https://www.telebort.com/#weekly-core.

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