4 ways to grow a child’s interest in coding

4 ways to grow a child’s interest in coding

August 16, 2022

You won't have to do much convincing if your child is already interested in computer programming, coding, and/or game/app creation. If your child isn't interested in computer science or programming, there are a few things you may do to peak their interest: 

  • Emphasise that coding is creativity.

Coding entails as much creativity as it does maths, science, and problem-solving. Drawings, games, robots, and apps are all examples of things that can be coded and brought to life. Because most children like making things, coding will come as effortlessly to them as painting or building with Legos. By stressing creativity, you may pique kids' attention and teach them some basic programming ideas at the same time.

  • Encourage exploration

Find tools that are age-appropriate and allow your kids to play without having to read an instruction manual every few minutes. A coder's universe revolves on the discovery process, or the "I wonder what would happen if I do this?" moment.

Encourage children to try new things and keep an eye out for signs that they've reached the app's boundaries. If a parent is not a coder, they can attempt various free applications and web resources to get started, such as Scratch and Codecademy.

  • Identify each child's area of interest

Encourage children to try whatever appeals to them and not to dismiss coding entirely if they don't appreciate one particular taste. There are applications for sketching, animation, storytelling, and game design, among other things. 

Students will learn how to create and programme robots using telebort's academic activities and programmes. Make use of something your children already like and show them how to utilise code to bring their ideas to life in a new manner.

  • Make coding a social activity

Kids become coders because they are friends with other coders or are born into coder families” - Mimi Ito

Find ways to get kids to code as a group and encourage them to do so. Having a network of friends and classmates who are also interested in coding can help them stay motivated as they become older. 

As a student, joining Telebort would stimulate collaboration and allow students to learn from one another.

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