Our Team

Empowering our children to pursue their dreams.
Full Timer

Co-founder and Executive Director

Kee Chong Wei

Full-Stack Developer

Hong Yong Ching

Creative Computing & Academic Instructor (Web development & Content planning)

Yong Sheng

Co-founder and Academic Director

Yeo Yet Phing

Creative Computing Instructor

Zuay Lee

Digital Maker Lab Lead Mentor (K-12 in Computer Science & Engineering)

Naz Azhar

STEAM Academic Instructor (Pedagogy and Child Development)

Maizan Fatini

Project Executive, Operation Optimization and Data Science

Phang Jia Sheng

Assistant of Academic Instructor (Classroom and Data Science)

Kek Zhi Hong


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Operating Hours:

Wed to Sun: 9a.m. - 6p.m.

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