About Me

Yasmin Amani Binti Basiran is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering and a current Master's student in Applied Computing on her way to completion. She is mostly passionate in making Computer Science more accessible and understandable for all, as she believes that computer science is a subject that everyone can master. Not just computer science, but Yasmin also has a firm background in volunteering for various projects as well as taught many students of many different demographics, making her a well rounded educator as well. Yasmin's core values centers around being passionate about what she does, and being genuine with the work she puts in. She has also spoken for TedX UTM as a speaker talking on the various challenges surrounding neurodivergence.

Yasmin's personality is described as "quiet yet talkative"; she may be quiet on first impression, but she will be a passionate talker once you have cracked open her shell. Asides computer science, she is also interested in history, cooking, and pop culture.