About Me

Harchana is a driven second-year computer science student at Asia Pacific University (APU), specializing in Cybersecurity. Her fascination with the field stems from its ever-evolving nature and the challenge of staying ahead of cybercriminals. Beyond her academic pursuits, Harchana has a passion for travel and loves immersing herself in different cultures, exploring new destinations, and sampling new cuisines, making her a foodie at heart. She dreams of seeing as much of the world as possible. When she’s not studying or traveling, Harchana enjoys expressing her creativity through writing novels and teaching, ever since she started teaching her younger cousins. She’s also an avid Netflix binger, particularly when it comes to movies and Korean dramas. Harchana finds great pleasure in getting lost in the stories, connecting with characters, and experiencing their emotional journeys. Her diverse interests, curiosity, and dedication to both her studies and personal pursuits make Harchana a unique and promising individual with a bright future ahead.