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Telebort Alumni & Students Association (TASA)

The goal of this initiative is to bring all members of Telebort together and build a community for everyone to help one another
- President Jordan Lee

Our Metrics

13 - 17+

3 - 4
Years of coding experience



Our Story
Telebort first established our class in 2018. As we grow, there are a lot of students who have completed our Weekly Core Programs A to G.

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What’s Next?

Young Developer Program
Pick a project

  • Search for your teammates.  

  • Come out with the idea of the project or problems that you want to solve through your coding skills.  

  • Plan the timeline (duration) of your project.

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Attend Exclusive Classes

  • Meet up with the Computer Science specialist for further assistance.

  • Related feedback and comments will be provided. 

  • Learn and gain experience through realistic projects.

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Book Your Time with Expert

  • Power up your team with the guidance of the expert. 

  • We will match a dedicated Computer Science Specialist for your team.

  • Start coding and creating. 

  • Rate: RM 250 per hour *original price           RM 100 per hour (per person) *discounted price

Showcase to the World

  • Publish your project to the App Store or the Web.

  • Build a stunning portfolio since young.

  • Get a FREE highlight video from Telebort.

Additional Values as a TASA Alumni

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Peer Mentoring

  • Grab the chance to be a peer mentor.

  • Gain experience with the experts while learning.

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Event and Competition

  • Having the opportunity to join tons of competitions and events.

  • Present your project in front of the industry experts, etc.

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Interview and Sharing

  • Share what you have learned or built during your time with Telebort.

  • Grab the opportunity to be interviewed by outsiders.

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   Committee Member

  • Be the representative of the TASA team. 

  • Get a lifetime alumni membership.

Alumni Highlights

Tammy Tan Shien.jpeg

She started coding when she was 11 years old. Her dream is to develop her own app by using her coding skills. Then, she wants to publish it around the world.


“I think now the world is starting to change into an AI world where people started building robots and machines and people are looking forward to it. For the next decades we will be using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate much of coding.”

Tammy Tan Shien

Join us now!

🤙 Keep CODING and we are here to SUPPORT you