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Telebort's curriculum roadmap is designed for school children to express their own ideas in designing their own stories, mobile apps, websites and many more.

Upcoming Events

Telebort Weekly
Core Program

Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing
for 10-14 years old
Venue: Penang Digital Library (Phase 2)
Date: 15th February 2019
(Tentative First Day)
Time: Every Saturday 2pm to 4pm
Core Program A + B (Holiday Fast Track)

Program A: Foundation of Creative Computing
Program B: Mobile Apps Development
for 13-15 years old
Venue: Penang Digital Library (Phase 1)
Date: 26 November 2019 (First Day)
Time: Every Tuesday to Friday 
1pm to 6pm (4 hours lesson + 1 hour break)
Telebort On-demand Program: Kids Can Code 
(One-time Holiday Program)

Topic: Code My Dance Party
for 9 - 12 years old
Venue: Penang Digital Library (Phase 2)
Date: 23 November 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Telebort On-demand Program: Teens Can Code (One-time Holiday Program)
Topic: Mobile App Adventure
for 13-15 years old
Venue: Penang Digital Library (Phase 2)
Date: 24 November 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm to 6pm

Develop Creative, Confidence, and Skills for Young Students

Character Strengths
Cognitive Skills

Begin your programming journey with us

Why kids should learn programming?

Basic programming has become an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike. And the benefits of picking up this skill, especially for kids, are huge. Learning how to build simple websites, mobile apps, and games helps kids refine their design, logic, and problem-solving abilities.

Junior Adventurer (6 - 9 years old)

Junior STEAM Program

Designed based on Montessori and Learning Through Play approaches, this program helps students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) in a fun way while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Junior Maker Program

Junior Maker Program allows students to venture into the world of technologies by providing them the best tools and environment. This program focuses on building up skills in internet, privacy and security, computer literacy, coding, and Micro:bit.

Young Coder (10 - 14 years old)

Program A
Foundation of Creative Computing
Program B
Mobile Apps Development
Program C
Fundamental Web Design
Program D
Interactive Web Design

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