Block-Based Programming

Program B

Mobile Apps Development

400 Enrolled
10 to 14 years old

Learning on how to design and develop socially useful mobile apps is a new skill to explore.

Chuah Yi Ning
10-14 years old
2 hours per lesson
RM296.80* (4 lessons)
Program B
10-14 years old
2 hours per lesson
RM296.80* (4 lessons)
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RM 1590
* Inclusive of 6% SST
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In Program B, students will learn how to design and develop socially useful mobile apps. In addition to programming and computer science principles, Program B is project-based and emphasizes writing, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Students get the chance to design their own mobile applications using MIT App Inventor and publish their functional apps to the Apps Store.

This course aims to empower school children to gain hands-on practical experience in mobile apps development using block-based programming methods. Students will learn key components of mobile development such as design thinking, text sensing, information processing through indexing, procedural abstraction, data generation, Web Application program interface (API), and more.


  • Complete Telebort Core Program A.
  • Having existing knowledge in programming.

What you will learn

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Mobile Apps Development and MIT App Inventor

Chapter 2 : Visible and Non-visible Components in MIT App Inventor

Chapter 3 : Text-To-Speech Technology

Chapter 4 : Speech Recognizer

Chapter 5 : Barcode & QR Code

Chapter 6 : Database

Chapter 7 : Clock

Chapter 8 : Prototype

Projects you will build

And a lot more interesting and advanced projects!

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Join Class Orientation

Students will start by attending the weekly class at the scheduled time to get to know the facilitators and peers.


Attend Class Sessions

Join the class sessions with your instructor and peers. The main instructor will give lectures on the topic learned.



Unlimited WhatsApp and community support

If you need further support or information about the classes, exercises and projects, talk to our instructors to answer your questions in mind.



Sign up for Telebort Dashboard

Students can easily access the lesson materials including pre-recorded lesson videos and lesson notes to do better self-preparation before entering the class.


Hands on

Apply the knowledge by doing projects

Practice the new skills by completing the projects and challenges with the respective instructors. Our instructors will provide feedback and guide the students.



Showcase your work to your class

Telebort experience ends with graduation so that you can see your class's work, showcase your work, and receive a certificate and academic transcript upon completion of the program!

Telebort's Computer Science Education Roadmap is designed with STEAM education for school children to express their own ideas in designing their own stories, mobile apps, websites and many more.

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“Their explanation in instructing is beyond astounding and for anyone who wishes in attending this curriculum not to hesitate joining.” — Jiwoo Kim
“I've learned a lot along the way, starting with Scratch projects and progressing to mobile apps, web programming, and Artificial Intelligence using Python.” — Ezekiel
“I've been studying for three months and its very interesting. I learn a lot with Tynker.” — Winnie Tan
“Coding is the best!! I enjoy doing coding if all my friends, it's very exciting and interesting! The teachers is very helpful and also well explained. Coding is very important for kid's future, since now it's the modern time to xD.” — Elly & Emma Goh
“The instructors are very well prepared to answer all sorts of questions asked by the students and are always there to help and encourage students.” — Rowan Hendricks
“I took programming as a habit when I started here, but as I progressed, I learnt that I can work and earn money while doing programming which makes me try to work harder.” — Shung Jung

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