Program F:

Data Analysis with Python

Students will be exposed to data analysis with Python, one of the most widely used data science programming languages in the world today.
Besides, they will learn how to collect, import, visualize, analyze and interpret the datasets with different libraries.
Course Structure
Duration - 24 lessons
Hours per lesson - 2 hours
Class size - 20 to 34 students
Suggested age - 13 to 16 years old 
(No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
Prerequisite - Either one of the criteria below is fulfilled 
  1. Completed Telebort Core Program A
  2. ​Have existing knowledge in programming
Program F.png

What you'll build

Ice Cream Shop.png
Ice Cream Shop
Themes of Data.png
Themes of Data
Open Data Malaysia.png
Open Data Malaysia
Road Accident Data in Malaysia.png
Road Accident Data
in Malaysia
What you'll learn
  • Fundamental statistics with Numpy and data analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib.
  • Data collection, data cleaning and sorting, data visualization and report making (interpretation).
After this, you will be able to
  • Design questionnaire to collect the data
  • Data cleaning and data sorting with Pandas
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib
  • Data interpretation and report making
Things you need to prepare for class
  • Stationery (Pencil, Pen, etc)
  • Water to drink
  • Laptop (if you do not have the laptop, we will be doing pair programming)
  • A happy and creative mindset

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