Weekly Core Program

Program F:

Data Analysis with Python

Learning the data analysis with Python to experience the most widely used data science programming languages in the world today!

January 2022 (Tentative)

About this Program

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In Program F, students will learn the Python programming language and the basic programming concepts along with Python. Students are able to make real life projects by using the fundamentals and some simple and useful Python packages. Then, students are introduced to data analysis processes like Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Data Visualization and Data Interpretation using one of the most powerful Data Analysis Tool(Pandas) and Data Visualization Tool(Matplotlib). Ultimately, students are able to make an analysis report by applying the data analysis skills and coding skills.

Course Structure

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Duration: 24 lessons
Hours per Lesson: 2 hours
Class Size: 20 to 34 students
Suggested Age: 
13 to 16 years old (No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
Prerequisite: Either completed Telebort Core Program A or having existing knowledge in programming

What you'll learn

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  • Fundamentals of Python Programming

  • Data cleaning and data manipulation with Pandas

  • Data visualization with Matplotlib

  • Data interpretation and make analysis reports.

Program Syllabus

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Program F is exclusively designed for students to learn data analysis processes such as data collection, data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualization and data interpretation and related data analysis tools like Pandas and Matplotlib. Beside that, students will learn the fundamentals of Python, one of the most widely used data analysis programming languages in the world today as the foundation to use the data analysis tools.  Essentially, students will be able to apply data analysis skills and coding skills to make an analytic report about their discovery on the analysed dataset.

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Chapter 1: Python Programming

Chapter 2: Jupyter Notebook (Via Google Colab)

Chapter 3Programming Concept - Variable & Operator


Chapter 4: Programming Concept: List

Chapter 5: Programming Concept: Conditional Statement

Chapter 6: Programming Concept: Loop

Chapter 7: Programming Concept: Function

Chapter 8: Programming Concept: Package


Chapter 9: Programming Concept: Dictionary


Chapter 10:  Python Package - NumPy

Chapter 11:  Python Package - PrettyTable

Chapter 12Data Analysis


Chapter 13: Python Package - Pandas (Data Analysis)


Chapter 14: Read and Export CSV File with Pandas

Chapter 15: Data Cleaning with Pandas

Chapter 16: Data Manipulation with Pandas

Chapter 17: Python Package - Matplotlib (Data Visualization)

Chapter 18: Data Grouping and Data Joining with Pandas


Chapter 19: Data Interpretation and Report Making

Project in Class

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Ice Cream Shop

(GIF)ProgF-Proj_1-Ice Cream Shop.gif

Covid-19 Cases Prediction

(GIF)ProgF-Proj_2-Covid-19 Cases Predict

Score Table

(GIF)ProgF-Proj_3-Score Table.gif

Google Play Store Analysis

(GIF)ProgF-Proj_4-Google Play Store Anal

Score Graph

(GIF)ProgF-Proj_5-Score Graph.gif

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