Weekly Core Program

Program E:

Advanced Web Development

Learning the Back-End Web Development  to explore more about server, application and database in a very informative way!

12th Sept 2021 (Tentative)

Every Sunday 2PM - 4PM or 5PM - 7PM

About this Program

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In Program E, students will be able to learn Advanced Web Development (Back-end) such as creating their own API, getting data from others API, Database, Authentication, Web hosting. Students will learn Node.js, one of the most popular back-end server environments together with related node packages. Besides, students will learn the Web application tool Firebase by Google to deal with the integrated services like Database and Authentication. Essentially, students will be able to create their own web server using Node.js to run dynamic websites.

Course Structure

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Duration: 24 lessons
Hours per Lesson: 2 hours
Class Size: 20 to 34 students
Suggested Age: 13 to 16 years old (No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
Prerequisite: Either 
completed Telebort Core Programs A, C, and D or having existing knowledge in programming

What you'll learn

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  • Make a web server using Node.js.

  • Create a dynamic website with Authentication and Database using Firebase.

Program Syllabus

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Program E is exclusively designed for students to understand the client-server-database model through coding with Node.js and able to create their own API. Then, students are introduced to how to make a dynamic website with Database, Authentication and Web Hosting using one of the most powerful Web Application Tool(Firebase). Ultimately, students are able to make a dynamic website with their own web server which applies both front-end (which they have learned in Programs C & D) and back-end.

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Chapter 1: Back-end Web Development

Chapter 2: Command Line

Chapter 3: Server Environment - Node.js

Chapter 4: Node Package Manager (npm)

Chapter 5: Node package - Express

Chapter 6: Node package - Body - parser

Chapter 7: Application Program Interface (API)

Chapter 8: Application of API

Chapter 9: Node package - Embedded JavaScript Templating (EJS)

Chapter 10: Web application tool - Firebase

Chapter 11: Database with Firebase

Chapter 12: Authentication with Firebase

Chapter 13: Web Hosting and Domain Name with Heroku

Project in Class

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Superheroes vs Supervillains

(GIF)ProgE-Proj_1-Superheros vs Supervil

My First Server

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Weather App

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Telebort Blog

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