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Weekly Core Program
Program E:

Advanced Web Development

Learning the Back-End Web Development to explore more about server, application and database in a very informative way.

Key Information:

  • For ages 13-16 (No age restriction for Telebort alumni).

  • 24 lessons (Weekly classes).

  • Prerequisite required (Either one of the criteria below is fulfilled): 

    • Completed Telebort Core Programs A, C, and D.

    • Having existing knowledge in programming.

New Intake:

  • Apr 2022

    • 30th April 2022 (Tentative) 

    • Every Saturday 2PM - 4PM

What’s included in this program?

Telebort Dashboard
Pre-recorded lesson videos with easily accessible lesson materials
Blended Learning Model
Better self-preparation before attending weekly classes
Weekly Online Zoom Class
Meet up with instructors virtually to get feedback and debug projects
Creative Hands-on Projects
Apply concepts learnt in lessons and create interesting projects
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Exclusive WhatsApp Support
Friendly assistance from Telebort community expert
Certificate & Academic Transcript
Receive a certificate and academic transcript upon completion of the program

About this Program

Program E is specially designed to get students started in full stack web development which envelops the front-end and back-end development such as publishing their own dynamic web apps, running a database and implementing web authentication.


As the students geared up JavaScript for back-end development, they will learn Node.js, one of the most popular back-end server environments together with related node packages. This will pave a way for them to dive into API building and learning Svelte and SvelteKit, a bleeding edge compiler and framework in web development.

Students will also be working on making web apps with database and authentication using services, a promising service touted as an open source alternative to Google’s Firebase but with friendlier developer experience. Ultimately, students are able to make a dynamic website with their own web server which applies both front-end (which they have learnt in Programs C & D) and back-end.

Course Structure

  • Duration: 24 lessons
  • Hour per lesson: 2 hours
  • Teacher-students ratio: 1 Teacher - 15 Students (Maximum)
  • Suggested Age: 13 to 16 years old (No age restriction for Telebort alumni)
  • Prerequisite (Either one of the criteria below is fulfilled): 
    • Completed Telebort Core Programs A, C, and D.

    • Having an existing knowledge foundation in web development such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

You will be able to

  • Start a web server using Node.js.

  • Setup popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as VScode.

  • Create a dynamic website with Authentication and Database using services.

  • Create projects using the SvelteKit framework.

  • Start, Push & Clone Github repositories.

  • Deploy and host websites using Vercel.

Program Syllabus

Theme 1: Web server with Node.js

  • Back-end Web Development

  • Server Environment - Node.js

  • Terminal CLI for Node.js

Theme 2: Dynamic Website (Interaction with other servers)

  • Svelte REPL

  • Svelte Basic Foundations

  • VScode Setup

  • SvelteKit development

  • Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Application of API

  • Github Repository

  • Web Deployment to Vercel


Theme 3: Database and Authentication with Serverless Computing

  • Foundation in Database & Authentication with

  • Manage Data with PostgreSQL Database

  • Authentication using Magic Link

Program E Sep Intake

Technologies that you will learn


GitHub Collaboration.png







There are a lot more technologies and interesting projects you will be exploring.

Sharing from our students.
Grab the opportunity and start coding at young!

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He proposed an app “A Bowl of Rice” to solve the problem of World Hunger during the Prototype Presentation in Program B: Mobile Apps Development.


"I just want to thanks all the wonderful teachers in Telebort who helped me to overcome my challenges when I first started to learn coding. Moreover, I felt grateful that my parents sent me to Telebort which is a nice place to learn coding. 

Joseph Leong Yen Joe, 14 years old

Penang, Malaysia

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