Telebort (科技宝)
Educate for Future


Telebort (科技宝) was founded by alumni of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2016. Telebort is on a mission to enable kids and teens from 8 years old until pre-university to solve real world problems through coding. 

We are a Digital Academy Platform that provides a full spectrum of computer science education such as learning material, question banks, real world projects for kids and teens to learn computer science. 

Our programs are led by dedicated teachers and programmers to provide peer to peer mentorship that will inspire and educate kids and teens in digital making.

Kids and teens use our platform to learn how to write code, build apps and deploy websites either on campus or through online classes. Students create their digital portfolios that keep tons of source code of creative projects. 

Currently, we have 250+ students who are learning with us on a weekly basis. All together our students have built a total number of 5537+ digital projects collectively.

Our Mission

To enable kids and teens to solve real world problems through coding.

Our Vision

Anyone can code and create.

Our Beliefs
What kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. We aim to give every child the skills, confidence, and opportunity to express themselves in the digital world.

Our Culture and Values
Know the self, know the values
  • Having a heart of teaching.

  • Having a desire to provide transformative value.

  • Having a commitment to serve.

Enjoy the pursuit of excellence
  • Use time wisely.

  • Seeing challenges as an opportunity.

  • Learn, unlearn, relearn, adapt and grow every single day.

  • Jump into the water and learn how to swim.

  • Act fast and smart, fix things around you. Have a sense of urgency and alertness.

  • Do the small things with great love.

The power of a team
  • Highly skilled, low ego.

  • Take accountability and responsibility seriously.

  • Your strength is our strength; your weakness is our weakness.

  • Don’t keep your problem from more than 24 hours. Say it, solve it, move on.

  • Over Communicate. Always counter-checking. 

  • Be humble, be kind, be grateful.

We are here to prepare our children for
a better future

Character Strengths

Students develop a set of character strengths such as curiosity in learning, having self-control, discipline and resilience in achieving greatness, practice kindness, compassion and gratitude in life.

Students develop strong habits of the mind in terms of information processing, such understanding, synthesizing, reasoning skills in problem solving.

Cognitive Skills.png

Cognitive Skills



Students build their creative confidence to develop ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and through the expression of artistic and emotional beauty.

Students develop their fundamental skills and knowledge in computer science and engineering based on focused courses and hands-on experience.