Telebort (科技宝)

Educate for Future

We are in a mission of empowering our young generation to explore, collaborate, and innovate their ideas around technology. 

Telebort (科技宝) is founded by alumni of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in year 2016. We are an EdTech (education technology) startup that aims to empower young generation in digital making.
We conduct after school, weekend, and holiday programming classes in and out of school for young students aged between 6 to 18 years to learn computer science and engineering. Our programs are offered throughout the year on various days, and at different times and locations to make coding classes convenient and affordable for every student.

Our Mission

Empower young generation in digital making.

Our Vision
What kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. We aim to give every child the skills, confidence, and opportunity to express themselves in the digital world. We envision that our young generation who were born in the digital age will lead us to a brighter future.

Our Beliefs
We believe our children are our future.
We believe in empowering our children to pursue their dream.
We aim to unleash our children’ potential and imagination around technology.











Preparing Our Children for a Better Future

The mission of Telebort is to enable our kids and teens to solve real world problems through coding. We envision anyone can code and create and we believe that kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. We aim to give every child the skills, confidence, and opportunity to express themselves in the digital world.


After spending thousand of teaching hours with more than 3,777+ kids and teens, we found that teaching coding is more than just bit and byte. In order to better prepare our young generation, here are what we are focusing and trying to do:-


  First and foremost, Character Strengths. We think it is important for young generation to develop a set of character strengths such as curiosity in learning, having self-control, discipline and resilience in achieving greatness, practice kindness, compassion and gratitude in life.


  Second, Cognitive Skills. We aim to help our students develop strong habits of the mind in terms of information processing, such understanding, synthesizing, reasoning skills in problem solving.

  Third, is Ceativity. We aim to become a platform to enable young generation to build their creative confidence by developing ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership.

  And last but not least, Technology. We aim to help our students to develop their fundamental skills and knowledge in computer science and engineering based on focused courses and hands-on experience.

It was a humble beginning for us to embark in this extraordinary journey. We are so lucky and grateful to have our supportive parents, students, teachers, partners, mentors and more. A special gratitude to all our team members, #CSguru, who joined us and making one step further to achieve our mission and vision.

Here and now, we are in the very beginning of building the first model of Tech School for Kids and Teens and the journey is exciting. Moving forward, we will share more about our best practice, findings, and innovation of 21st century of education. We hope more and more people could be a part of us. Together, let's do more!

With hopes,
Phing and Chong Wei
Co-founders of Telebort


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Operating Hours:

Wed to Sun: 10a.m. - 7p.m.

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